Rockshox pike rct3 setup

If you have an RCT3 model fork, the low-speed compression is adjusted. Rockshox Pike RCT3 DPA 160mm set up. Lisää tuloksia kohteesta forums. Pike Solo Air RCT3 (160mm) that meant four tokens went in. Anyone got any good tips on setting up the new rock shox pikes?

Rockshox pike rct3 setup

Charger damper with RCT3 which is inside the Pike. I got the Pike when it was on sale and when my old fork died. I can pump it back up to that same pressure and not have to worry about setting sag up again.

We initially set up the fork 10 psi higher than recommended, and eventually backed it. Je souhaite affiner les réglages de ma pike RCT3 et je me demandais quels. I know all of the compression and rebound settings are rider specific, just wanted to know how you guys want to ride yours, I was at R=11clicks. We fitted the 26″ Pike RCT3 to our Yeti SB66 long term test bike.

Rockshox pike rct3 setup

Pedaling in the open setting with 6-7 clicks of compression made the fork. Wir haben die neue Pike einem ausführlichem Test unterzogen.

Mit diesem „Keller- Setup “ ging es zum ersten Test-Rollen auf die Straße. We had to set up for and steer through corners differently from when. Question for other Pike users, does anyone else on the RCT3. Se avete una Pike Rct3 avrete notato quel piccolo registro nero. There are basically three main common types of external adjustment on most. On the RCT3 model but not on the OE version RC. Die neue Druckstufe verzichtet bewusst auf den original RCT3 Plattform- und Blockier-Modus, bietet dafür eine. SRAM user manuals can be found online at sram.

Dual Position Air Travel Options and Bottomless Token Tuning. Riding the PIKE 140 aboard the RIP was the perfect setup for all-day trail riding. Its seems that the low speed compression dial on my Pike might not be working. Perso la première fois sur ma Pike au réglage du SAG ce n’était pas le top non plus, mais après rodage (deux sorties de 40 km ) c’est devenu. Rock Shox Pike Luftkammergröße mit Volumenspacern ändern? Beim Gabel- Setup denken die meisten an den richtigen Luftdruck oder das.

With this setup you get more of the actual lock-out from the. No offence, but if you had to ask what the difference was between RC and RCT3 . RockShox Bottomless Tokens may sound like great news at an.